About Us

11320At First Christian Church of Kearney we are committed to leading you to trust God.

The journey of being a follower of Jesus Christ is life long process of learning to trust God with everything and every life situation and circumstance.

The journey of faith begins with a personal decision to trust God for your eternal destiny in Heaven through complete and absolute forgiveness that’s provided in the sacrificial death of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Trusting God’s redemptive plan for humanity replaces the idea that eternal life is earned by human performance.

New Testament writings reference salvation and eternal life as the gift of God and not the result of meritorious efforts.

You will find that we celebrate this indescribable gift of God in our weekly worship celebrations.

Because life is complicated and human relationship sometimes difficult, we look for the practical application of the Biblical principles to apply to our everyday life situations.

Our church is made up of imperfect people that look to the perfection of Jesus Christ for our forgiveness and the hope of eternal life.

Our mission of leading people to trust God is fleshed out through the ministries of our church as we teach and personally choose to live out Biblical principles – serving in our church, homes, community and beyond Kearney, Missouri.